The Primaletes

Our Story


It all started when...

Like any good start-up, imagine three college roommates sitting at their dining room table. Now, add blender-bottles, laptops, and textbooks. Wide smiles, healthy joking, a few “duuuude”s, and that was us. Except, I’m not sure I can convey how happy we were; how happy we are. A few of a group of friends for which the word “best” feels insufficient, living together for years, in the prime of our youth.

But now we were finally facing the end of a time in our lives together. We’d been sitting around the table again one night, working on our classes when the topic of supplements came up. We lamented the abuses of the industry, from misleading advertisement, to fillers and pricing, to the fact that we simply couldn’t find a quality product that promoted wellness without some sort of lurking consequence, or gimmick attached. You can probably see where this is going.

We looked at each-other: the knowledge was there. From accredited sports nutrition certifications to equally accredited personal training experience, we knew the industry, we knew what we didn’t like about it, and we knew how to change it. Fast forward some brainstorming, lots and lots of faces made during the taste-testing, long nights, and the initial forming of our group, and our team gains another. Marshall’s sister, Kristen, a crossfit-ace and Buti Yoga instructor, learns of our endeavor, and is thrilled to enlist in our project. Our excitement continues to spur each-other to work harder. For all of us, fitness and nutrition have been our first love, our lifestyle, and saving grace. So we know that whether it’s late at the office, 6 a.m. for the second week straight, or basking in the glow of a job well-done, your body is your temple.

Presenting PrimaLife Health, nutrition first, health for life. We’re doing what we love, and sharing it with you because we know you’ll love it too. As a trainer, your first joy is not your own success, but the success of your client. We want you to feel better, be better, and take satisfaction from every aspect along the way. Which brings us to the “Why Vegan?” question. Firstly, anyone who has sampled whey products can tell you that there is a bloating, uncomfortable, possibly-hay-fever, feeling attached. It makes Marshall stuffy, it gives Brandon indigestion, and Walt gets…. well, Walt gets gas….which Marshall and Brandon don’t appreciate…at all.

Anyway, why vegan? Well whey, the industry standard, comes from milk, and frankly the milk industry is a well-kept secret of animal abuses. Aside from a select one or two of the larger businesses, and small farms mindful of their practices, it’s pretty sad, and we don’t want you to feel sad about your body. We’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say: they’re not happy cows. On-top of these issues, animal products have a fairly large environmental impact on our earth-- and we don’t want you to feel badly about that either. In fact, you can be excited about PrimaLife Health!

We’re still in the early stages, but we have very firm plans to partner with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Brain Research Foundation, and the Peace Corps to bring you the satisfaction of a better lifestyle, living in a better planet. Plans like, the animal or ecosystem of the month, where a percent of profits will go directly to those efforts, no funny business. When the time comes, each bottle you purchase will contribute in a small way to a larger cause. Just as your wellness is a series of small steps, so too is changing our earth for the better, and with enough small steps, we can make a big leap together.

Like we said, your success brings us joy, so we’re already doing what we love. Let us help you feel the same way, and we can all look to a better future for ourselves, and each other.


The Primaletes